Michael Kors Mens Cooper Logo Billfold Wallet With Coin Pouch

د.إ.‏310.00AED د.إ.‏580.00

The Michael Kors Cooper Logo Billfold Wallet with Coin Pouch in the color "Black" is a stylish and functional accessory designed for men. Here are the key details about this wallet:

  • Brand: The wallet is from the renowned brand Michael Kors, known for its high-quality and fashionable accessories.

  • Type: This is a billfold wallet, a classic and versatile design that's suitable for everyday use.

  • Model: The wallet is named "Cooper Logo Billfold Wallet With Coin Pouch."

  • Color: The wallet comes in the color "Black," a timeless and versatile choice.

  • Sex: The wallet is designed for males.

  • Size: The dimensions of the wallet are 4.33 inches in width and 3.6 inches in height (4.33” W X 3.6” H), making it a compact size that can easily fit into pockets.

  • Box: Please note that the box is not included with the wallet.


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